The power of Now

Live your best life now!

What does “Living your best life” actually mean!?I suppose for each individual person the answer would (and should) vary. But for me, thinking upon that lead me to 3 points that I’d like to share.

First of all – by letting go of that “perfect” weight on the scale and focusing more on living my best life now lead me to finding my passion. I’ve always known I’m a social person. But I really have grown to appreciate my passion for helping people. In particular, I really love to share the work That has helped me so much, which is the psychology of eating. ❤️ This passion lights me up and is so fulfilling for me. (which in turn has had a healing effect with my eating challenge)

Secondly, living my best life has lead me to understand the importance of positivity. If I am grateful for what is now (living my best life now) it only gets better from there. The mirror effect, ya know? ❤️

Number 3 – living my best life now, has lead to being productive. Rather than waiting til I have my ideal body, live my best life now. It’s helped me to look at the person God actually made ME to be and choose to be the best version of that person NOW. ❤️ (The power of Now)

What does living your best life mean for you? Please, share feedback in comments. You know I love to chat ? and don’t forget – For different results, you’ve got to make different choices.