Stress-Less Eating Coaching

Did you know that Stress affects your metabolism ? Yep. It’s true. Stress causes digestion to shut down. 

I learned a lot of valuable information from the institute for the psychology of eating but that may have been the most powerful piece for me. 

I didn’t realize it at the time, but the longer I work on living in a relaxed state, the more I realize I lived most my life in a stress response of some sort reacting to whatever came my way rather than responding. 

The area I have noticed affected the most by these “knee jerk” reactions is relationship. Primarily my sweet hubby probably experienced this the most since we tend to let down our guard the most with those we trust the most. Right?

As I continue to review the days events and how successful I’ve been in responding to situations rather than just reacting habitually, I realize that the most helpful thing for me in living intentionally is awareness which happens when I slow down. When I slow down (especially in my head☺️) I can be more intentional with my thoughts, actions and words which definitely affects all my relationships. 

For example, Have you ever noticed that when you look for things to appreciate about another person you can always find something (even if you currently don’t appreciate something they have done) but if you look for something you wish the other person would change you can always find something to complain about? Me too. 

Taking time to create intention is a super important part at the beginning of my day. And then my goal is to remain present in the moment I’m in so I’m aware of my thoughts which create my view of my life. 

I still have much to learn but I’m grateful for these nuggets I’ve found on my journey thus far. I hope you find them helpful too. 

If you’re ready to heal your relationship with food, just send me a message.