Self care isn’t selfish

You know those moments where you feel totally overwhelmed or triggered, but then someone says the right thing or you have an experience that brings you back to solid ground again. You feel grounded again…

Today I want to talk about the level of importance you place on feeling grounded. Is that important enough for you to prioritize that feeling in your own life (or maybe that is that a challenge for you too!?) ❤️

Truthfully I have struggled with this challenge a lot in my life, especially as a wife and mama. As a real sensitive person it is easy for me to take on other peoples stress and make their problems my own (to the point of my own needs being compromised). 

I guess if I say that my needs are priority, I have felt like this is selfish. 

However, since I have recognized that I am not the only one who has found a challenge with this (which also has led to a challenged relationship with food (and self care in general) today I decided I want to share the following with you because it has been very helpful for me in getting back to a grounded place when my plate feels mighty full but my people could use my attention too…

A mentor and good friend once told me when it comes to my kids and my husband… “they just want you to be happy Jen. Right?” 

Of course I know this is true, so if I can find a way to communicate well what my needs really are (which is a challenge in itself, of course ? But it’s true)… my people are happy to work together with me so that I am happy too. 

I am not saying it’s easy, I am not saying I have it all figured out, but I have found that this advice helps bring me back to a grounded place in my own head so that I can make a more reasonable choice about my next best move in my day. 

In summary, Given all you’ve got going on…what is the very best way to handle it? ❤️

I hope this was helpful. I just want you to know i’m here for you. And I care. 

You matter to your people, even if they don’t say it out loud (or often enough). 

Remember, I’m here for you. All you have to do is this, just send me a message to let me know you could use some support!