Grateful heart

Gratefulness beats stress

Did you know….It is actually not possible to be grateful and stressed at the same time! And when we practice being less stressed we optimize our metabolic power. (stress literally slows down our digestion).So if you have been in a relationship for awhile (going on 18 years over here). . . you know that it’s not always easy to communicate well, which can be stressful. .But, what I want to share with you today is something that has helped me a ton (in marriage and life in general) is to focus on what I AM grateful for and practice expressing my gratitude. .”Feed that which you want to have grow”..~Today I told my hubby thanks for the great conversation we had yesterday. It was great to just take the time to connect on everything. (It was great to be reminded that regardless of the juggling it takes to raise kids, we do have the same values.).Comment below to share, what are you grateful for?