Do you actually need motivation?

Hey fellow eater ❤
Let’s talk about motivation for a minute. If you’ve been dieting for years and still aren’t at your goal weight…maybe you think if you could just stay motivated, you would stick to your diet plan and lose the weight.
I get it, I’ve been where you are at. That’s why I’m excited to introduce a different idea…cuz it’s helped me SO much.
What I’ve found I actually needed was resilience. 

⭐️ Resilience was the moment I could forgive myself for how I reacted to the past and choose to respond instead of react in the future.
⭐️ Resilience is the moments I find myself triggered but choose (again!) to respond to future events rather than stay stuck.
⭐️ Resilience is the choose to practice living in the present moment rather than letting the past dictate my view of the current & future situations of my life.

If you too can talk yourself up anytime you fall off but find yourself stuck in the same pattern of yo-yo dieting; if you wish you could just find the motivation to lose the weight for good….I understand ? 
And I am here for YOU! If you feel overwhelmed, check this out ➡️ I help women who want to control their food & weight find happiness now. 
Just send me a message cuz – “You were meant for more than JUST dieting!” 

❤, Jen