Diet culture vs. intuitive eating

What intuitive eating is really like…

Hi fellow eater,

Let’s talk about intuitive eating, ok?

If you are anything like I’ve been, you may feel like taking the intuitive eating approach would be an extremely bad idea for you.

If you ate what you feel like eating, you might make only horrible food choices and end up gaining weight and that just can’t happen. Does that ring a bell for you?

Guess what? I hear you.

I had the same fear…and if I am honest when I first quit dieting I did want little ceasers pizza every single day and yes…I probably ate more than I needed of it.

But as I continued to address how that food choice made me feel (rather than only being consumed with the number of calories in it) … I began to realize I prefer the way my body feels when I eat salad and one slice of pizza and on other days only salad sounds better.

The thing is since I broke free from diet culture…I have become so much more interested in how I feel so I can live the life I choose to live rather than focusing on how my body looks yet not enjoying my life.

If you have spent years on the diet roller coaster, I get it. I promise, I do understand. I spent over 20 years focusing on sticking to my plan so I could one day be in control of that number on the scale.

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Diet culture

Studies show that 2/3 of the world’s population has unresolved childhood trauma.

If you are anything like I’ve been, You may feel you relate to the following.

I used to think I would never be good enough and I couldn’t be happy unless i was thin.

Diet culture sells us this story ➡️ we need to be thin and if we are not…we should “fix” our body.

But it isn’t the truth – that being thin actually will make us happy.

I know it can be hard to imagine being happy if you aren’t at your goal weight. I’ve been in that spot myself.

So, today I just wanted to reach out and say… You can begin to live your best life now, regardless of your weight.

Have a lovely day!

If you are ready to break free from diet culture, just send me a message. I’m here to support you ❤️


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How many goals have you set aside because you don’t have the time, energy or ability to do it total perfect!?

(And Who’s defining perfect anyhow? )

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