1 thing

Go all in!

What’s your one thing? #1️⃣

If you are anything like I have been you may understand when I say I have the tendency to get overwhelmed.

And then sometimes in some strange turn of events, I just procrastinate and get nothing important done (“Deer in the headlights” kind of thing).

What has proved quite effective for me with this challenge is…pick ONE thing.

Just decide on the one thing and go all in. ?

That hit of dopamine when that one thing is complete is exhilarating.

You will most likely find that feeling of success drives you to accomplish even more than you thought you could. #focus ??

?Go all in!

If you could use support in determing your #1 goal, I’m here for you. Just send me a message.

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Making goodness attractive

Happy Monday, y’all!

Today I’d like to talk about forgiveness.

Up until recently, the way I’ve understood forgiveness is the ability of letting something that hurt you go so that you can be more happy and whole.

Sounds simple…but as I’m sure you’ve experienced at one point or another, it can feel really hard. I get it. Sometimes life really isn’t fair, it seems.

However, Today I’d like to propose the following…a change in perspective. Sometimes it helps to see things from a different angle, ya know?

What I’ve realized is the negative energy output by holding onto a resentment against another person has never really served me.

If we can find a way to imagine the others view and make their point of view important, maybe we would find there’s less pain felt by their point of view.

After all, forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

I’d like to be sure to add, sometimes the hardest person to forgive is the younger version of ourself.

If you need help, reach out…support is sometimes the way to get the encouragement to make the changes necessary when you wonder if just maybe-this change is possible for you too!?

You too can live your best life today, starting right now. ⭐️

If I can do it, I truly believe you can too! ❤️

Why it is hard to change habits

Subconscious creates anxiety to stop us

A tip for this Tuesday ⤵️

If you are wanting to change a habit –

✈️ Attention please – This is your captain speaking, please buckle up as we will be rising to a higher elevation!

The reality about our brain is this –

Your subconscious actually believes that your habit is necessary for survival.

Your subconscious brain tells you that Predictability keeps you safe. And your current habit (be it good or bad) is predictable.

The subconscious part of the brain doesn’t like unpredictability. It doesn’t like change, therefore it causes anxiety.

So here’s the tip – When you notice anxiety arise (rather than give up on your goal of changing your habits) Move your attention.

Energy goes where attention flows, right?

The truth is this – any skill (or habit you have)
was learned through repetition and consistency.

So, I suppose the real question is this. (Even though change may seem scary)

How badly do you want to change your life!?

Is it worth enduring the turbulence, if it means being able to be free from your current challenge and have an upgraded quality of life!?

It may seem scary and it may not be easy, but it is completely possible to transform your entire life.

You too can live your very best life!⭐️

If I can do it, I truly believe you can too! ❤️

Next step = Just send me a message ?


Let’s talk about empathy.

Are you like me…? When other people are In a “mood” it can be easy for that to affect your mood too!?

Well, I think it’s important for you to understand … you do have a choice.

While you may have the ability to feel what someone else is feeling, recognizing you have a choice about whether you continue feeling that feeling can be Life changing.

The thing is, walking through life being affected by other people’s moods can be extremely stressful.

And stress affects our appetite and metabolism. In fact, many report emotional eating as a way to cope with unwanted feelings.

By recognizing someone else’s feelings not being my own, I’ve been able to transform my relationship with food!

If this resonates with you, drop a ❤️ below. I know I can’t be the only one who finds this challenging…right!?


On feeling Pain…

Happy Monday, friends.

First of all, have you seen It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood? If not, I strongly suggest heading to your nearest theater immediately. You are missing out! ?

Anyhow…As a recovering perfectionist, I just love the quote below.

If you are anything like I have been…you may feel you have to be ok all the time. You strive so hard to create a normal Rhythm that creates balance you can count on, only to soon realize that life sometimes blindsides you (or maybe even smacks you in the face)

What then?

Well, I think it’s important for you to know no human has all the answers or feels ok all the time.

We all come up against challenges we can’t quite manage at first.

Personally, I can say that by admitting how I really don’t feel ok sometimes, by admitting the struggle and overwhelm….I then recognize that I want to feel better.

By accepting what is actually challenging, the hurt, the pain and the struggle…that is the first step.

That brave step leads to recognition that we want to feel better.

That step leads to admitting we may need help to find the tools, but it is possible to feel better.

By realizing it is possible to feel better, we can begin to think about what support would help us find the tools.

And as we find support to help us find the tools…we can begin to practice using the tools.

By practicing using the tools we begin to realize we can do it.

And slowly but surely we begin to feel better more often.

After some time has passed, we can look back and recognize…our entire life has transformed.

The sky is the limit.

Your thoughts become your reality.

What thoughts are you thinking!? Comment below to share what helps you feel better when you have a challenge come up!

P.S. If this speaks to you and you’d like to share more personally…just send me a message. Believe me, I get it! Life certainly asks us to grow and sometimes we need help to figure out where we want to go from here. ❤️