Ask good questions

If you are like many people, you may find yourself reaching for a bag of chips (or maybe some chocolate) after an encounter with someone that resulted in unpleasant feelings!?

Have you wondered what else may help you feel better, that wouldn’t result in that feeling of bloat and frustration after “messing up” your food plan?

Well, I’ve got a few tips to share …

Awareness – Being aware of what we feel is critical.

Acceptance – If we accept our uniqueness,
would others opinion bring up the same unpleasant feelings?

Curiousity – By asking good questions rather than defending ourself to others (or ourself) we often find these unpleasant feelings are lessened in intensity and frequency.

Perspective is Important


Perspective is important.
The truth is you can reframe any story/limiting belief by practicing awareness and curiosity.
The way in which perspective links to eating is that stress often leads to emotional eating as a coping mechanism.
By realizing we have a choice in how we perceive things, we can reduce the stress felt by life’s circumstances.
A parent comes home from a really long day at work and is rushed by 2 loud kids. One kid says, “I have been waiting for you all day.”
If you feel the weight of all your kids needs quite easily and feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, you may feel attacked. ( You may think Gosh, what now? What’s the problem now?)
If you realize that by your kids needing you, that gives you purpose in life. You may feel fulfilled by this rush instead of burdened.
These kids energy that may be overstimulating, (Yes, that’s a fact!) but what if said kid had not been successfully resuscitated at birth.
(The fact is that the rush of kids at the door was that the teen who had been struggling with pms and been moody for days, was super excited to hug her mom and tell her she was feeling better.)
So, you see…PERSPECTIVE… It is everything!
Have you ever noticed how your perspective of life’s situations has potential to affect your eating habits? Comment below and let me know your thoughts on this, ok?
FACT – If I can do this, YOU can too! 🙂

Self Worth

Do you know your worth?

If you are anything like I’ve been you may be super critical of your body weight or your size. ?
But, if you were alone on a deserted island would you care at all what size you wore??
If your answer was no, it may be important to think about the island that you choose to be on in life. ?
Does your environment, your friends, messages from media etc. lead to your happiness, balance and your true purpose for being here. (Or does it contribute to feelings of insecurity, judgement and discouragement about yourself?) ❓
Choose wisely. You are worth it. ?
And if you could use help discovering your worth, I’d love to chat. Just send me a message. ❤️