Self Respect is Key!

Series post #8 – what formed coach Jen

(When someone Else believes in you more than you believe in Yourself )?

I’ll never forget the aha moment i had when I realized if I want other people to respect me – I better respect myself ?

(Thanks to all who believed In me even when I didn’t believe in myself. ?)


Sometimes balance means eating Ice Cream with your Hubby 🙂

Happy Sunday. ?
I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend so far. For us, weekends often consist of whatever is necessary to fill up our own cup so we aren’t trying to pour from an empty cup during the week. ⌛️
I’ve been thinking about how important balance is this weekend. So, I’d like to share the following concept. ⤵️
Consider this – could unwanted weight and challenging food habits be a calling for more balance in life? ⚖️
What does balance mean for you❔
I’d say balance is critical in becoming the best version of oneself. ?
Because truly, would there be a need for extra food (which leads to extra weight) if all our other needs as a person were already met. ⁉️
Food for thought, right? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below. ?
Thanks for reading ❤️
P.S. Sometimes balance does mean eating ice cream with your hubby ?

Dear Perfectionist

This is a gentle reminder to all perfectionists out there….

Dear Friend,

“Progress is realizing if you are doing the best YOU can, that’s enough”

❤️, Jen

(If you’d like support in quieting your inner critic, message me today. I’d love to hear from you. Because seriously, if I can become free from negative self talk, I promise you can too)

First publishing on Amazon

I’m an author!

Look what I accomplished while on my pathway to FREEDOM ?
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Have you ever felt like you had to be thin in order to Be successful in life? ?
Well…. I think it’s important for you to know (I definitely felt this way before) but that’s ? percent NOT true.

Eating well and being active can support us in our efforts to pursue success but those actions alone do NOT create success in life. ☺️

Today I want to share what I’ve been able to successfully create while focusing on finding freedom rather than a certain “perfect” weight.

When I realized how much I was allowing my obsession with a certain number to rob me of happiness, I began my journey to freedom.

Along the way I made notes and am happy to share them with you ❤️ (this workbook is FREE for 24 hours)

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