What does goal mean to you?

What’s the meaning of success?

You know, I spent 20 years under an illusion. This illusion sounds simple now, but it was truly complicated for a very long time. This illusion was that if I could just get to the magical number on the scale that I had chose so long ago…I would finally be happy. But the reality was that finally reaching that number had very little to do with happiness, and if i’m honest that was a total disappointment initially. But thus began the journey for me to find true happiness. Because happiness actually comes from the inside out!

So, if you have a challenge with weight…maybe it is time for you to ask yourself an important question. What does your goal weight mean for you. Because if you know the meaning of your goal weight – the truth there’s a good chance you can find that meaning in other ways besides/in addition to striving for a certain number on the scale.


Compassion with self is so important in the different changes we may go through in personal transformation.   When I first gave up dieting (before I met the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, I had been on a diet for over 20 years) I felt more secure about my change in mindset.  Sure, when I initially reached that “magical” number through a weight loss program I was on a temporary high.  But I soon found that number didn’t actually provide the lasting feeling of happiness and contentment I was searching for.  Because true happiness comes from within.    

However; as I continue this work to love myself as I am and find true happiness and contentment in what currently is, I find myself getting impatient.   Why is it so hard to stay true to myself and my new values?  If I’m totally honest, lately I often find myself in a bit of a conflict.  Maybe I should count calories so I will stay committed to not eating my feelings (or having more than one glass of wine) after a long, trying day with the kiddos!?  What if I don’t end up losing the excess fat that my doctor says will come off after I get my dental work done and detox from mercury toxicity.

But then I remember the truth -I now know these worries that crop up are merely a reminder that something else is out of balance and needs addressing.  It’s just a sign that I still have things to learn and no amount of controlling my weight will bring me the answers I truly seek.  I’d rather find the way to maintain my current weight and also enjoy my life, than keep yo-yo dieting and obsessing over a number on the scale.

I am grateful that I have amazing mentors in my life to remind me of this amazing new way of seeing weight and eating challenges.  Dynamic Eating Psychology changed my entire life.  What I was doing wasn’t working.   I don’t really want to hate myself into a physical change. What I am doing now, learning to trust my body and find what does work long term is what I am committed to.  And deep down I know I can trust this new way of relating to food and body.

The stages of metamorphosis can be messy, but the butterfly that emerges only shows beauty.  And sometimes it’s just a matter of being patient until your wings are ready.

Where does digestion begin?

Digestion begins in the mind. The Cephalic (head) phase of digestion broken down includes taste, pleasure, aroma, satisfaction and the visual stimulation of a meal.

Researchers estimated that 30-40% of the total digestive response in any meal is due to the cephalic phase digestion response, our full awareness of what we are eating. Pretty much awareness is our metabolism. So, if we “fall asleep” at the plate and don’t register any taste, smell, satisfaction or visual interest than we are digesting our meal at only 60-70% efficiency.

If you were talking with a friend and they didn’t give you any attention, you would walk away feeling incomplete. You would walk away feeling incomplete and wishing for more attention. The same happens with food. It is time to bring our entire attention to the table if we want optimum metabolic power.